Return of the Terrarium

Eight years ago, I blogged about my search for a vintage globe-shaped terrarium like my parents had when I was little. For more than EIGHT long years, I searched for one of these things,and I found some, but usually for about $225.

I only wanted to spend about $75, of course. I'm a thrift shopper and my sense of value is catawampus. It's so catawampus it's like my idea of what things should cost is permanently wasted on champagne from Target and dancing on a table.

After so many years, I started to accept moving out of my price range. I started embracing the fact that this endeavor was gonna cost me $200, or more.I had already worked through the other steps of vintage-terrarium-price-acceptance, denial, anger, Ebay custom searches and depression, so it was time. Now, Dan is always willing to pay to get things right, he likes nice things and thinks part if their niceness is what you pay, but hearing me give up and be ready to pay out the nose must have shocked him into action. 

Because he found me a terrarium. He was so stoked that he called me, everyone knows not to call me unless it's something HUGE. "Can you drive to Fort Wayne tomorrow?"

That's a 3 hour drive plus a time zone change. It's not totally abnormal around here to drive that far for renowned pancakes or a $6 Clematis. 

Me:"Why? I really can't drive to Ft. Wayne tomorrow, but oddly I'm speaking about 30 miles from there next week"

He tells me why:
It's $35 and 3 hours away! So he calls the people with the terrarium to offer to Paypal them the $35 right now and... will they hold it for a week? That is our proposed scheme. Of course they could say "no", they could take our money and sell it to someone else anyways, there's a world of messed-up that we are willing to enter at this point. 

Pretty much the worst thing that could happen is that they realize these crazies are willing to drive 3 hours (plus a time zone change) to get this thing, do some research and jack up the price. That would be un-Midwestern of them. 

But that doesn't happen.

They say that of course they would be willing to hold it for us for a week, they are wholesome Midwesterners, like myself, except they won't be home. They are going on a 2-week vacation. 

Yes, they are going on vacation. 
But they are flying out of Midway, approximately 14 minutes from MY HOUSE. 
AAAAAND they are willing to bring it with them from Ft. Wayne, Indiana and rendezvous with us near HERE!


And yes, it's not as white as it used to be and there's a crack that's completely impossible to discern while it's planted up. But, it's MINE!
Want to see how I finished it??
Live moss, a few tiny ferns and a early 2000s toy Yoda that I used to have glued onto the dashboard of my Toyota (get it??).

Like it?? Was it worth the $35?