Succulent Jewelry: Save Your Money and Make It Out of Crap You Find Around Your House

So, I made this succulent jewelry for the cover of this Month's Green Profit magazine. Now, I think succulent jewelry is on the silly side but they asked me to do it and I love a challenge. They didn't even have to doubledogdareme. 
In making it, I had so much fun that my cold, sad heart warmed a little at the idea. So I made a pro and con list as all totally normal people do. 

  • Succulents break like it's their job. In fact, it is. So if you have actual movement planned for the time that you're wearing it.... insert sad face
  • Most people aren't going to propagate the cuttings afterwards, or compost them. It just goes in the garbage after a few wearings, if it lasts that long
  • They are being sold for a shitload of money via Etsy and Instagram
  • Can't wear it if you are a person that experiences Winter, because booger-freezing temperatures kill plants

  • I made it with stuff I had lying around the house, so it ended up being FREE
  • I have a bunch of leggy, overgrown succulents and this was a PERFECT use for them. I just went around the house and clipped everything leggy or overgrown into a bucket and used that. If it was leftover in the bucket at the end, I set them up to be propagated
  • Better use them before the cat gets them
  • I love hot glue gun burns

So, it was as easy as this. I found an old necklace I wasn't wearing, glued a thin layer of dyed chartreuse reindeer moss down and added little bits of succulent cutting on top, with my hot glue gun. The hot glue doesn't hurt the plant, whatsoever, but it can hurt the living heck out of YOU so be careful. You may like to use tweezers to set the tiny bits into tight spaces.

I used some little chunks of gem stones that, no kidding, we got in one of those "mine your own gems" things for kids in the Wisconsin Dells. I took a larger stone, laid it in the driveway and whacked it with a hammer to get tiny shards. There were places were another cutting or hunk of moss seemed totally wrong, but the little piece of stone was just the right texture.

Once I was done, I kept them in the fridge for a few days to monitor any changes they might undergo. Nada!
Since I made one, I tried my hand at a bunch of other stuff. 

In the end, I made one necklace, one bracelet, a ring (LOVED this!) and one earring, since it was for a photoshoot and you wouldn't see both of the model's ears....
This is easy stuff, it would make a fun workshop or party activity, especially for a bridal party! Or maybe drinking a lot might be more fun for that. 
I forgot.