And Now For Something Different: A Retail Display Contest from Healthy Grow

Heathy Grow is a fertilizer company based here in Illinois. They make a mighty fine chicken litter fertilizer that is the "end" product (ya know, manure) from the hens that lay the eggs I buy at the grocery store (or Target). I felt good about buying the eggs to begin with, knowing that they come from a farm that's focused on humane hen care and sustainable farming practices. When I found out they were composting and making a chicken manure fertilizer product available to gardeners (for me it's a local product) it just felt like the right thing to do. A no-brainer! Slam dunk!


Between now and May 1stHealthy Grow is hosting a contest for retailers. They want to see photos of your display(s) of their products in YOUR store! As a person with a passion for independent garden centers, neighborhood hardware stores AND visual merchandising, I'm stoked about this contest, I hope to sneak a peek at the photo entries too!

The prizes for this merchandising contest range from a 1K Visa gift card to a copy of my book. 

Now, I'm not going to give you any hints... that would be cheating. But if I was going to do that, I might whisper to you that using toy chickens, from something like this or even this is a funny/great way to start a conversation with customers about the how and why of this product. As the Healthy Grow peeps say, "The Way It's Made Matters" and there's no better way to explain that to customers than to start at the beginning!

Again, I'm not giving out hints, but if you had a bucketful of red wigglers on a display, you could more easily explain the value of Healthy Grow's worm castings. They could certainly start people talking, then you could mention how great worm castings are for plants. It's just too bad that when you compost with worms at home, sometimes the worms escape in the middle of the night and have a dance party in your bathtub or shower floor. You could then very easily explain the value of this worm casting fertilizer....All the fantastic fertilizer without any of the worms. 

I mean, I'm not going to help you with any helpful hints- but I could possibly let it drop that props, sometimes fun and silly ones, help start conversations and really sell stuff. 

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