Plant This! Giant Red Mustard

I talk about Red Giant Mustard in presentations and classes that I give, but I can never find a photo on the internet that does it justice. I can't seem to take a good photo of it, either, because I'm not in love with some of the plantings behind it and there's always junk in the way (more accurately, my front door compost bins). I decided that stinkin' thinkin' needs to END. Of course any photo I take is going to be just good enough to get the point across. Uh, right?

This is a gorgeous and totally edible plant that is dang near fool proof and it isn't too late to plant it, this summer, for envious stares from passersby. It reseeds like crazy so before you know it, you can have a full-sized drift of it. If you throw some seeds down in late winter (yeah, I do mean THROW) you'll have a 24"+ tall flowering crop in June. That is, if you don't eat it all before it gets a chance to flower.
It's never too late to sow this stuff.

The young leaves are AWESOME in salads and instead of lettuce on sandwiches and burgers. It's shockingly tasty and, uh, mustardy. The color is badass. I think you'll really like it.

Let your spring crop go to seed, eventually it'll die back and then you'll get another crop once temps cool in the autumn.

You can do this. It's easy and tasty.
If I can post these substandard photos that make me feel all vulnerable and icky, the least you can do is give it a try?