The Very Best First Runner Up: NatureWorks Organic Garden Center

Last month, Healthy Grow fertilizers announced the winning garden centers from a multi-month contest that asked garden centers to #ShowTheirGrow by sending in photos of their Healthy Grow fertilizer displays. One of the prizes offered was a spotlight on my humble blog.
Pretty much the winning entry

NatureWorks in Connecticut (a state I can not spell without spellcheck) won second place... but it was super CLOSE. So they deserve a feature, too.

Especially because it turns out that they totally rock.

I'm already drooling

That's a heckuva selection!

NatureWorks is located a stones throw from Stars Hollow, which is totally not a real place with real people in it, but that's not stopping me.  I imagine Lorelei and Rory hitting up NatureWorks, leaving with faces painted like Monarch butterfly wings and a tray full of plants that never make it back out of the trunk, once placed in there.

Like, 3 years later, there's still a tray of dead plants back there.


Seriously, some garden centers are just special. NatureWorks is a hub of their community, a place for education, a place for happy employees AND happy customers. If you're able, you should check them out!
Here they are on Facebook                   Here they are on Instagram                     Here's their site