No Good Weeds Go Unpunished

I'm feeling a little cynical today.
But that's not my default setting. So What can I do to get back to happy-go-lucky?
Do something for other people.
Go make something.

I had just the thing in mind:

This spring, I purchased this vintage, long, wooden WHO-KNOWS-WHAT at my favorite haunt, Two Peas in a Pod, for $5. I hoarded plain ol' jars alll summer and VOILA!

  • I used all the sizes of jars there are; baby food tinies to quart Ball jars. 
  • I loaded up each slot with 1 or 2 jars, depending on space. 
  • Then I filled each jar with water and proceeded to bring in armloads of Autumn flowers (also, 300000 spiders), dismembered them(the flowers not the spiders) and added them to the vases.
It was going well, then I decided to take out each "vase" and be sure they were all 360° of pretty.
Then I added a lot more stuff.

The Results


Bloody Dock
Bronze Fennel
Perennial Mums
Chocolate Eupatorium
Rudbeckia seed heads

Limelight Hydrangea
(and random gourds)

What will happen next?

please do not sue me, Donald Duck

Cynical side, still not vanquished: I wonder if people will take them? I wonder if my cool vintage holder will be stolen? What if my neighbors all have their heads up their asses and don't know a good thing when they see it?

Regular side, battling back: Even if no one takes a bouquet all day, then when the kids get home from school they load them up on a wagon and deliver them door-to-door spreading peace and well-being throughout the block. Therefore the WHOLE WORLD!

Would you ever set up jars for neighbors to take with fresh flowers from your yard? Would you ever take a jar of flowers if a neighbor was offering them?

I will update this post and the KMA Facebook page.